Saturday, June 28, 2008

just another day...

27 Jun 08, 18:31
Lilian: yeah anyway, what u stuffs had u downloaded?

MAY I ASK who are you? AND WHY ARE you using my name? ohh. i see..there are a few reasons why YOU do it.

1. you inserted my name by accident. (but seriously, how can anyone be so dumb to accidentally insert someone's else name?)

2. or you just wanna make me embarassed by typing that kind of english. good try tho. i do use anyway always. and i hate TYPING U! WHY NOT SEE MY OLDER messages? i used you instead of u.

3. you just hate me. same like number 2. but a different motive.

HAHAHAHAHA! WHYYY MEEEEE? i was actually shocked when i saw that. i was like did i accidentally typed in that? but im confirmed that i dont type those kind of english. u? u? HOHO. good one, the "unnamed" one!

thankfully, you didnt write anything harmless tho so you're off the hook. BUT I STILL DETEST THE WAY you type. at least type using good english please? like = what stuffs have you downloaded? pls get rid of the u.

oh. and just 11 minutes after i replied my taggers. the "lilian" has tagged.

I AM THE REAL LILIAN HERE! *knocks head*

anyway, lets stop this. HAHA, if you are actually trying to tag or ask me something with a good intention, then i apologize. :)

AND OMG! SOMEONE SENT ME A "thanks for adding" in friendster! nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! but i didnt add her. she added me! why not replace adding with approve? i hate it. and im so nice to reply no problem with ^^ AGAIN. neh, as least she bothered to send me a comment.

OH, i watched ah long pte ltd just now. hilarious. my sperms are so strong. LOL NOT MINE. im a girl.

school's starting...darn. i have this feeling sorta like "its so boring at home you wanna go back to school but staying at home's not bad either"

starting school means less computer, more studying and KILLA MATHS! URGH! maths is like = murderer. but then, it does come in handy. :D

and my dad's in disco now! sorta like clubbing. kinda cool. next time when im older enough its my turn to go disco-ing. I ACTUALLY THOUGHT HE WAS JOINING A DANCE COMPETITION. it started off like this:

me: so where's papa going later?
dex: going dancing..
me: ohh..
deric: dancing competition!

well, if your dad suddenly goes to this type of sure you know how you will react. michee ahh naughty naughty. v neck long sleeve? EH, anyone wants to be my CID? JK.

and lastly before i go, i wanna apologize to sabena for always not able to come to her house. SORRY!


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