Wednesday, June 11, 2008


from my last post-spelling error. HAHA avril lavigne. SORRY GUYS!


that's how i look like now. tired. *moans* im feeling that way, after school, we went to the horticulture rimba centre.[field trip] it was..okay. there's quite a number of red killa ants there tho. AHAHA! and also, some nice dragonflies. when we reached there, the first comment i heard about this place was:

tayib: we paid two bucks just to see this stuff?

yeah. its EXPENSIVE! two bucks for just a bus ride? plus, we didnt get benefits, the only benefits going there is, we'll get a nice tan![Getting a nice tan aint bad! Get to be as tan-ed as *ahems*] In the end, we got dirty fingernails and sweaty clothes, OH and mosquito bites! not to forget, the sting of the red killa ants! still, its nice to wander around nature. :)

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i may be a bit "bitchy" in this post now but please, bear with me. its just only a day. well, after PE, i was standing outside the hall, and my left hand was holding my 100plus drink which I AM still drinking. then this bloody woman in orange bumped to me and knocked down my drink. it rolled on the floor and half of the water spilled. the worse part is..

SHE KNEW SHE MADE IT DROPPED AND SHE bloody looked at the can that dropped on the floor and then me and walked off. WALKED OFF? MA DER! i will slaughter her in mulaut abattoir and slash her to death! SO kambang! and i think she's only a bloody maid. *points middle finger to her*

why cant she at least gimme a dollar and say sorry? Better than walking off? you think this is a catwalk show huh and you can parade your fat arse bum around the school? BLOODY MURDER! i can just take a knife now and slit her throat out, shave her hair bald, cut her eyelids so she can see me torture her viciously!


i feel so mean. but hey, dont mess with me. ;) ahahah! not always that mean okay. unless she say sorry, then ill at least feel better. rude arses.


*breathes in and out*

anyway, shall we move on to the pictures? *snaps*

jaslyn and in the middle, Haadi, who looks like he's peeing and at the right side, Vinesh.

on the way..psst, can you see maria behind?

note: science text books can be in handy at times! To prevent the blazing rays of the sun from damaging our skin!

you have to excuse Jeremy's behaviour. He's just dissapointed because he couldnt see his own reflection in the pond. HAHA just kidding, he's not that vain.

ey seh? dont i look like a fisherwoman? HAHAHA


DID YOU see what happened to my face? HAAHA. photoshops can be so wicked and deceiving.

i saw quite a lot of Japanese pple in Brunei nowadays. they seem to like durian very much indeed. as observed by me okay!

im so tired now. my legs are falling asleep but i am not because im gonna stay up late to watch GOSSIP GIRL! HAHAHA! nate is so *drools* yummy!

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