Sunday, June 15, 2008

i'm gonna miss you all this while..

i havent get my report book back! T.T im so curious to know what position i get. YES! I GOT POSITION! *smirks* THIS YEAR FINALLY i got! i usually dont get credit for BM so yeah. Celebration!

i'll just have to wait until school reopens. tsk.

i really have weird dreams nowadays. take shopping for instance, i dreamed about that. i dreamed that i actually bought clothes in that dream, but when i wake up, all was gone. it was so sad tho. but the shooting dream wasnt bad. kena shot IS PAIN! well, obviously. HAHA.

i really dont have much things to say so till here. hope by the time i come back from miri, i will prolly have something to blog about! like...

how i miss susie(cat) so much. :'(

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