Saturday, June 07, 2008

i just love fantasizing..about you!

i am so disspointed to know some fashions from the older generation are coming back!

like high waisted shorts/skirts! my comment? NOT GOOD!

why high waisted? so uncomfortable, i would prefer the hippy skirt! sure, sure some pple do look good in it, but i still detest it. it looks very "old fashion" and they make you look short, as said by michee. sorry if i offended anyone who are big fans of highwaisted pants/skirts.

and also the so-called, "boyfriend shirts" thebig big boyish shirts. I dont like it. those are for guys, not us, girls/women! Now how about the tie thing? tie can be both worn by females and males. dont you see the girls in school wearing ties? the councillors? Nah! that's different.

but on the other hand, vests are not bad. lol. that's what those waitress/waiters in those classy restaurants wear. El magnifique.

and also, last time i really dont like long socks and i keep pulling them down as in fold them. now they're fashion! Like the long socks! AHAHAH! i rmb seeing those black tights the supermarket cashiers wear along with their red heels and thinking why do they have to wear that. and now, i have one of those. nice wa! but as we all know, each of us have our different styles and different taste. thats what make all of us really unique! Copycats are so banned! These trends are mostly started by celebs. so next time if a celeb wear those grandma flowery dresses with leggings or those shall be another trend for those copycats to follow.

i really hate it when guys wear those super tight shirts along with skinny jeans. tryna show some flesh ey? Ewww. AN EXCEPTION for the jonas brothers. now unless, you are the JBs you cant pull off the super tight t's with those jeans. BOO!

ahh, another one! girls, wear bras that are your own exact size. DONT wear a bra that's bigger than your usual cup. if ure A cup dont wear B or C or even D! so what if you have small boobs? or boobs-that-cannot be seen! Yeah, maybe guys do like big boobs, but when youre naked! :O everything is exposed! revealed! nothing to hide. and besides, real boobs bounce, fake boobs stay still. keep in mind. (thanks to my auntie who told me that)

you know, i usually have a hard time doing the mata juling trick. BUT NOW, I CAN! :) i actually find it pretty cool! I think im addicted in doing it. i know its not a good thing, but i love scaring my little cousins with this. HAHAHA. it does hurt my eye tho.

my grandma went back this afternoon. felt awful. she actually nearly cried. :O And she asked, more like forced me to go to Sibu after PMB. NOOOOO! i will try to make up some phony excuse to stay in brunei longer so i can..*ahem* someone should get it. ;)

till here now. cheers!

ps/ what i wrote mostly are my opinions. not referring anyone in particular.

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