Thursday, June 12, 2008

have a little faith in yourself..


i was viewing this "certain" someone's blog and she happened to have a rather obscene picture. ngam ngam, my dad came back and saw it.

im worried he will think im watching porn. but well, who doesnt? in another few years and so, watching porn is gonna be a big hit soon! wait. it IS already a trend among the world.

*slaps self* now what was i thinking? im only 14!

as you can see, im trying my best to update my blog everyday since mock and pmb's coming soon, i doubt i'll have the time to blog.

i just realized..i have reduce the habit of inserting smileys into my posts nowadays. which is a big boo! it actually brightens up the whole post, from my own opinion. but on the other hand, my fav smiley option now is: ~.~

YES. that. in case you're not really sure what it is, it means: tired or bored or uncareable or whatever.

sleepy can be counted in too. :)

speaking of sleepy,im really tired now and its only 10 something! what happen to the everlasting moi that can stand until 4 am in the morning? ;) HAHA..well, sleeping reduces wrinkles. BUT! my afternoon sleep was distracted by neighbour. she always have to shout my name loudly and especially loves asking me to do chores for her. darn it. and i hate it when she examines my hand and goes, "you're so thin.." please. i know that. dont need to tell me much more details about my size.

like maria said, people should love their bodies more. Body peace! ^^v

hiding those eyebrows wont do me any good. *sighs*

i simply dread my eyebrows! i feel like shaving them off. seriously, why on earth do they have to be made so high? prolly, when i grow older i will try to chat a lil bit with my so called "surgery doctors" HAHA. kidding. i wont. but i will prolly do something to improve it. yeay to modern makeup!

im craving for sushis again. darn it.

what do you think of love letters?

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