Friday, June 06, 2008

happy birthday sabena!

*drums roll*


have a wonderful birthday and happy anniversary to you and calvin! may all your wishes be fulfill!


I AM SOOO SORRY to blog about this now. its suppose to be "belated" OH WELL, still, sorry. :)

this was suppose to be yesterday's post but because my grandma's here, we had to go out often which leaves me very little time to blog and only now. BOO!

anyway, let the pictures do the talking. ;) these are taken in RBA. (the restaurant)

did you see the lamb meat at the right side? I mean of me to eat that..i feel really bad, but im sorry, i still dont wanna be a vegetarian. i will eat more of chicken than lamb more. okay?

maria, michee, me

im a bad photographer, x) btw, michee looks bloated here, HAHA, well, shes actually eating.

jaywen, maria, michee and yours truly.

guess who's hand suddenly came in between me and the camera?

this picture's really beautiful.

Maria! playing with jay's phone and michee HAHA...CUTE EY! i love this picture. ;)

now what was calvin doing huh? want me to zoom in? LOL jk!

sabena and calvin!

"now what do i want for dessert?"

im the tallest in this picture! *smirks*

can you see jaywen's head?


REMEMBER miss michee said she was anti porn? WELL, it seems like she had change her mind after seeing most of the girls started to get porny! only sabena was the straight one, look at the others TOUCHING a woman's one! :O

in sabena's house

another shot...

and another what was i doing? oOOOh!

thanks for the hat/cap, sabena! it shines when the sun in shined on it! gorgeous!

there are still some pictures i havent posted up. not much tho. ask me if you want them!

rmb the environment day held in our school? yessss..a lot of people wore green or was it brown? i think there are more brownies then greenies. AND some..wore a different colour.

"they think brown is purple meh?"

"they think green looks like blue is it?"

i dont really rmb who said this. i think it was vincent and maria. HAHA. yes. exactly. some wore red! :O

oh yes, maria slipped in RBA that time! DAMN, IT WAS HILARIOUS! SLIPPED! not fall down! i thought she hold on to calvin that time when she nearly fall. but turns out no. and..

i feel like punching some people in their faces. LIKE for example, someone in limbang today. i was lining up and this woman purposely used her bag to pushed me to the side so she could cut the line! imagine me giving her a punch of her life! *grr* and she got this huge mole that i wanna tear from her face! TOP THAT!

lilian: what if i confessed my feelings to him and say, "dont worry you dont have to feel the same way as i do to you"
michee: slowly slowly! you dont want to scare him off right?


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