Friday, June 27, 2008

dont you dare try that trick on me!

I AM BLOGGING NOW! i said i wont be going online for a few days and i didnt! because im so caught up with sims2! that game is so damn addictive!

my character married a black guy called Darren Dreamer again! Don’t ask why! OH AND just two days after their marriage, I MADE DARREN flirt with the maid! actually, the maid's face is ugly its just her body that IS HOT! (Lucy's the maid's name) i mean, the maid's clothing made her body looks sexy! which guy can resist that? AND HOW DARE DARREN KISSED HER when my character is pregnant with his baby? OKAY. sims 2 rants over!

anyway, updates in my life..

1. nasi katok is so delicious!

2. yesterday's my youngest brother's bday! 25/6 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DERIC!

its an icecream cake! ;) i think its pretty! if you dont think it is, then just *shh*

3. my mum called this guy....


fyi, pondan = gay = homosexual. i know i blogged about not going to insult transgenders, AND I DIDNT! its my mum who said that! lol so dont go and be a dummy and say, " oi oi oi, i thought you say you not gonna insult gays, stoopig la u!"

AND DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT CRITICISIZING MY MUM! IF YOU DID, I will go and find your DAMN IP address, and ask any internet expert or some sort of server to locate your address, and i'll go to ur house personally to slap YOUR DIRTY MOUTH! OR FACE! OR I LL PROLLY JUST KICK UR BALONEY IF UR A GUY AND IF UR A GIRL I WILL JUST TAKE A needle and burst your balloons! (if you have a pair)

that guy above is Danson Tang. i wonder if my mum will call Joe gay. WHAT AM i thinking! she will never call him that! i know she loves angmohs ;)

:) change of topic! i seriously hate the way those %^&# speak. the slang they have when they speak english. GOSH MAN, WHAT IS WITH THAT SLANG?!? as soon as they speak, you feel like "aiyer" i cant stand it! the way they speak just wanna make me bash their heads to the wall! i know im being very racist now. and if you know what these %^*# mean, just dont mention it. thanks.

its a misuse of english. and a more terrible misuse of english is :

girl a: mii lubbs/lurbes yew..i mishh you derhs..yew eet lerhs marhs? heee heeeee.. = OVERACT CUTE ENGLISH.

THAT IS A VERY VERY BAD MISUSE OF ENGLISH. i could just bang their heads to an english dictionary and ask them ARE THERE ANY WORDS SUCH AS MII OR LUBBS IN ENGLISH?!? KANASAI! they prolly think its cute! GIRLS, GUYS DO NOT LIKE DUMBO GIRLS!

and not only girls do them, GUYS DO THOSE TOO! OH MAN! GUYS?!? LOL LOL LOL! those act cute guys and girls are just made for each other! they should GO TO AN ENGLISH TUITION and learn the proper way of writing/typing english!

guy a: hihihi laopoo...yu doin what arhs?
girl a: nothing wors...missh yew marhs! yew mish mi?
guy a: i mish yew evriday derhs!

*BARFS* IF ANYONE CHAT TO ME LIKE THAT. i will prolly be like this:

girl a: hihi lilian...
lilian: heys
girl a: yew doing whats arhs?

lilian is currently offline.

:D maria would prolly do something meaner. hey, we're talking about maria here! SHE IS LIKE THE AWESOMEST BITCH EVER!

this was supposed to be yesterday’s post, oh well~wanna go and download sims2 stuffs! maybe i'll post up some pictures of my stylish sims someday! ^^ OMG! YOU CAN EVEN DOWNLOAD BUFFER MUSCLES AND PACKS! not to mention bigger boobs! HAHA LOL

who calls you at midnight?

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