Tuesday, June 10, 2008

depressed :(

im feeling down in the dumps today. :( and maria is super mellowy happy today!

ever heard of the saying, "laughs and world laughs with you" and yes, maria made my day happier. ^^ thanks mar!

now im gonna release a whole big ball of stress now.

FYI, PLEASE dont ever call me STUPID unless you are my family because you dont have the right to say so. Secondly, i did not offend Hollis House members, i just said they lost. im in hollis too okay! and third, i did not say, "im better than them" DID I? NO KAN?!? and, lastly, if you dislike me, please. leave. or you can stay, but all unsophiscated comments will be ignored.

ah. that felt good. :)

anyway, i was reading a couple of magazines and i found some celebrities old school pictures. hyuk! they looked silly in the olden days. for example some celebs shocked me out. like Avril Lavinge.

her last time was ~.~ well...the left picture is okay..but the middle picture is way too! *coughs* AND the third pic! BRAIDS! well, fyi, im not offending avril's fans here okay. i like her songs too.

BUT NOW, hurrah for the avril now! she has gone hotter and blonde! i love blonde chicks, theyre hot. *i smell a hint of lesbianism coming out from me* brunettes are too!

oh! have you heard the 50 cent single Curtis S.S.K. one mag wrote what does the S.K.K initials stand for. and some of the examples they wrote are:

S.S.K = Secretly Scared of Kittens? [aww! i love kittens and pups]
S.S.K=Sick Of the Sight of Kanye? [THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!]

and this is something i made up. i know..its stupid.

S.S.K= Secretly Loving Surgery Kits?

LOL. its actually =Sounds Scan Killa.

bah,i gtg nw! its late and my mum doesnt like me staying up lates. i agree. i get moody when i wake up in the morning so yeah. and tomoro F3Y's going the horticulture something! oh la la! better than staying at home!


*cant wait to watch Gossip Girl tomoro! woots!

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