Sunday, June 22, 2008

celebs i dislike

dim sure most of you had experience of those celebs-you-dont-like or hate. i sure did too.

and here's some...i dislike. not hate. hate is a strong word. :) i know some of you may like this certain celebs, so please dont dont get mad or anything. its my opinion once again.


i admit, his songs are pretty nice and catchy. but im sorry to say, i dislike him. these are the main reasons why i dislike him. *coughs*

1. his lips are fat.
2. his face is not pleasant to see.
3. i knew i dislike him the moment i saw him.

there! okay okay, i can hear pple saying, "CB LA! SEAN KINGTON IS LIKE MY IDOL MAN! KNS THIS BITCH LA! WANNA LOOK FOR FIGHT HAH?!"

or maybe in a more "english" way.."damn this fcuking biatch, what the hell wrong with her, looking for dis fight huh? huh?"

and plus, my cousin said he look like akon. HAHA. comment there.


if you watched the taiwan series, one million star sr2 you will know who he is. BWAHAHAHAHA! *evil eyed* i got SOO SOO SOOOOOO much to say abt him. i'll try to summarize it. ;)

first of all, he didnt say this but he looks like the type that think he is so "handsome" gosh, look at him?!??! this you call handsome, CUTE OR HOT SOMEMORE? and check out that long hair. now now, i really dont like guys with long hair. and WOOSH, he loves it on him. he thinks it looks sexy on him. (once again, he didnt say it but it seems like he knows it himself) like those long locks blonde dudes with six packs you normally find acting in baywatch?

IF HE THINKS IT LOOKS SEXY ON HIM, then go JOIN BAYWATCH MAH! or perhaps go join ANTM! OR be the next "judge" *coughs* now who's that judge? the next miss jay alexander something. shit man. im being too over. hah, lets get back to the topic about his "sexy" look.

AND THOSE small EYES ARE URGHH! IRRITATING! oh, did i mention i freaking hate his flat nose?! i mean why is there so many pple who like/admires him? T.T oh yeap, because he can sing well. yes i admit. he is a good singer and can play guitar really well. there's just something about him i bu shi huan. perhaps bu shuang.

OKOK. celeb dislike-mood over.

i feeel very very mean indeed. they both can sing really well, but its just the looks i dislike. *slaps self* have i forgotten its what inside counts? maybe next time after i met them and actually know them better, i will prolly change the way i think about them.

HAHA, lastly, sorry if i made anyone go *rolls eyes* or blurted out any nasty words. this is based on what i think! AS I REPEAT, they are indeed very talented fellows, but doesnt mean every single person in the world must obsess or drool over them.

i know there's a lot of sean kingston fans here and there and more yuming fans too. i know who are them. ;) i just dont wanna mention them. MICHEE AND MARIA YOU YUMING FANS KA?

LOL LOL LOL. NOW, tan tan tan! *drums roll* some long hair do look good on guys. like. MR joe jonas!

sooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooootttttttt ^^

tell me. is yuming better than JOE jonas? or is joe jonas better than him?

there are pple who dont like the JB too! im okay with them. ITS NOT LIKE I GO force them and say, "*bow down* YOOOOOUUU MUST like jonas heart very painful...gonna"

over man. so my comment is.


ps: i wont be going online these few days! study bah! 8)

OH AND CHECK OUT THIS BLOG. her entries are L.O.L. read her archives or labels under "bitching" btw, whats ah lian and ah beng? *scratches head*

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