Monday, June 16, 2008

call it infatuation.

this feels..weird..but i feel like im in bliss! heaven! everything that spells out happy. :) i really really love my grandma(mother's side) so much. not most pple like their grandmas, but i can assure you i love my grandma to the max. she thought me everything that i can ever learn. caring, and all. i feel so mature now.

ANYWWAYY, yesterday was father's day kan? so happy father's day to all of the fathers out there!

im sorry to say these but i really cannot stand pple who blog too much "short forms" as in. SHORT form blogging. it gives the reader a hard time. its my opinion, but im not saying everybody have to blog in complete full english. continue blogging anyway you like. as i said, its your blog, your choice. and basically, this is my opinion.

and csi:ny is back! woooots! i watched an episode today, and im so sad to know the ending. yes, you curse the murderer for being so mean for killing this particular person as in cutting out his throat, bisect him, but then have you found out the true reason why he/she kill someone?

actually, NOT ALL killers are what you can catagorized in the bad people. they have their reasons, but why do they always have to use the killing method to solve problems? if they stop killing, they can make this world a safer and better place to live in.

now, im sounding really boring now. so lets change to a happy topic okay?

aint this view gorgeous? it reminds me of...

grand theft auto: vice city! HAHAHA. well, it does looks like one.

my brothers are really pissin me off now. they keep singing this verse, "jangan berhenti mencintai ku" obviously, they must have watched extra out of the limit malay movies. IT IS SO SOOOO irritating. but in the end, i found myself singing along with them. its catchy. lol.

i really like bags now. random fact. but *pssT* GET IT OR NOT????!? *scowls*

Trapped in the past, I just can't seem to move on,
And if I open my heart again, I guess I'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end..

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