Thursday, June 05, 2008

BROWN?!? beautiful yes?

i watched gossip girl just now and i reckon its pretty nice. the mr chace crawford makes the series even better too! Hes such an oh la la hottie! *drools* and plus, the girls are really not bad looking! GAH! I think im addicted to GG! oh! there's so much kissing scenes in there! have i told you i go- *claps hand while woots-ing* when watching romantic scenes? HAHAH. ANY ROMANTIC SCENES. yeah. you got it.

anyways, tomro's environment day or is it earth day? we're supposed to wear green or brown shirts to school. green i likey, but brown? BROWN? its a bit "not my type" colour. *gasp* i would prefer green tho.

brown just dont suit our skin colour! well, maybe some brown looks good on certain people but i know 100% it doesnt look good on me. My skin colour compared to that is like nude!

and also, my grandma's coming over(father's side) WHICH IS A BOO BOO BOO BOO! well, not that im not excited to see her, but i really dislike seeing my uncle! I DESPISE HIM! too bad he has such a cute son. eee! so plus points for that. and a really disgusting, "hiao" daughter. she likes pulling people's skirts or pants down. ewh! and she's only 7!

WHY? this is starting to be a bad week for me. i have to be "kuai" in front of them. im such a two faced person. 8)

he is so droolworthy!

but still, Joe is NUMBER 1!

OH! AND joe jonas loves BARNEY! so cute!

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