Wednesday, June 18, 2008

annasophia robb is gorgeous

before you continue reading this, i am straight okay, doesnt mean i love these female stars means im lesbo or whatever. Dont simply label me.

ps and thanks!

anyway, moving on..i really admire AnnaSophia Robb. in case you dont know her, shes the girl from the Reaping or you can identify her as the bubblegum girl from the movie charlie and the chocolate factory. aint she just gorgeous? i think she is so pretty. altho she is kinda short, but not everyone's perfect ey?

she's amazing and wonderful. try and guess her age. I WAS so oomph when i knew her real age. SHE is *whispers* SOOO hot.

that was weird. well, imagine a hot guy suddenly comes up to you and screams, "OMG JOE JONAS IS SO HOT, dont you agree? *winks*"

THAT would be jaw-dropping.

now, a change of subject. i need to pile up on studying now. lately, i promised my mum i'd go to bed by 10pm and i can only go online once a week! HOW CAN SHE DO THAT! online once a week is like torture! what about my blog? *sniffs* BUT, only during school days then that new rule is set up. now is like still holidays, so i better enjoy it while i can.

i dont blame my mum for doing that. im sorta a computer addict. i have to go online everyday! WHICH SUCKS. not going online for a day is like you can feel this kind of uneasy stuffs rounding up your brain and you could feel like you have created an ulcer in your stomach which results in a nervous breakdown....

dont worry. im perfectly fine. im just kidding. i can manage not going online for a week. besides, i have lots of tv programmes to catch up like...GOSSIP GIRL! HAHAHAHA! OR COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG! and plenty of csi!
once pmb is's gonna be so gooooooooood.

OMG!! I could have swear i heard "I HAVE BIG HEAD AND LITTLE ARMS" oh, no wonder, its from the TV! IT WAS scary okay! ITS 2 AM now! BLOOOOODY MURDER!~.~

bah, i gtg. its late now. 2 AM! its past my sleeptime. till here. CIAO!

ps: see! i never put smilies anymore! :( wait i just put one! but its a sad face.

pss: i know some of you may be bored or annoyed by my "everyday" posts. BUT dont worry, when pmb or mocks start, you wont see me blogging anymore, so go on and cheer up. ;)

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  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    gorgeous indeed! btw I like short girls, she is supposedly 5'2. thats not that short


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