Sunday, May 25, 2008

oh la la! hot guys galore! *-*

yo! just in the afternoon, me maria,michee and jay went mall to watch prince caspian. AND oh-la-la, i mean WHAT AN OH-LA-LA we had! THEY ARE SO GOOD LOOKING! consider watching for hot guys yeah. *thumbs up* for guys..they watch..for the girls in there? ;)

michee was so hilarious the whole time the movie played. she was like "omg! hottie fighting with hottie" HAHAHA. its like hottie there hottie here. i think the guy beside me is annoyed cos i keep talking. he was giving looks and then telling his gf. LIKE IM SORRY. and you dropped my 100plus okay! so its fair and square between us. old man! PFFT.

the guy sitting in front of me wasnt helping too. his head is blocking my view! URGH! but, the sight of the hot guys in the movie chilled me out. :)

OH! the usher in the cinema is so cute. *grins* i purposely go throw our rubbish there and passed him! EEE! too much obsessions ey. wait! not obsessions, its first impression.

some pictures!

im such a loner, at least there's a pretty girl beside me. :)

hearts! still remember the sisa-sisa in the toilet bowl, miss michee keith? ;)

and just now, when my dad called me, i followed him..i mean the guy who i THOUGHT WAS HIM..turns out to be indian guy! SHIT MAN! He is so diff than my dad. he has a big ball of stomach and hes..well..dark brown. i mean no offence. my dad's dark too. sorry daddy! HAHA. lucky i din call him! and i nearly followed him to his car. imagine if i sat inside again! dulian.

lets present the oh-la-la guys in that movie!

gosh! edmund(eddie) has grown so much mature and handsomer. SERIOUSLY. his's voice changed and all. when he was a kid..i disliked him. he's mean.

helloh mr ben barnes! michee likes him. so as jong yi. I THINK hes handsome too, well only after i watch the movie. forgive me, if i said he wasnt.

WILLIAM aka PETER is so HOTTTTTTT! *drooools* i loved him even in narnia 1 and NOW! EEEEEEE! YOU ARE SO DREAMY PETER! *melts*

lastly, the hottest angmo guy is....JOE JONAS! *salivating in delight* baby face. :) i love you joe!

susan kissed mr ben barnes! *gasp* SHES AGRESSIVE IN THERE. MICHEE likes agressive guy. any agressive guys wanna sign up? *coughs* i likes shy guys better, but im yeah.

outside the mall entrance, maria saw an old couple walking past by us. then..

maria: so old..still paktoh!
me: ya ho..
maria: but thats good, still so passionate in the bedroom!
me:yeah..HUH..*gives wide-eyed look*

MARIA is so MARIA. yeah. get it?

ohh! how do you scare off a crocodile?
-by waving a pair of crocodile-skin made handbag!

it gets me everytime.

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