Thursday, May 01, 2008

little random stuffs

i know im suppose to be on hiatus. but not going online for one week plus is already good. KAN?

okay lar, i will blog occasionally then after exams, i REBLOG everyday! HAHAHA! not everyday. just at times.

today, in school during maths, was hilarious man. michee was asking nick about the time when she clawed his ear in form 2 and made it bleed. [WHOAH!]

me: i thought you bite his ears, not clawed it!
michee: no i didnt!
nick: *does weird face* where got pple bite ears one?
me: i dono! some do it for enjoyment!
nick: Ms Tay, do you bite your boyfriend's ears?

im sure you can guess ms tay's reaction. LOL *weird face*

ive got nothing much to blog. BECAUSE..exams are coming up and stuffs in my brain are all about....its CRAMMED. too full. but still got some space for Joe Jonas! *smirks*

oh ya! mrs beena said that my handwriting was better and that she could actually read it! *tears of joy* and plus, bruce looks so "jack black" today. he pushed up all his hair using a rubber band. like a hairband. A tiny weeny RUBBER BAND over BRUCE'S head. but i think bruce's hair is like a mood detector.

when he puts his fringe down, he gets cold,mean and all. when he put it up, he gets all funny, polite and kind. like whoa!

some pictures!

this was taken in the toilet, mall..there was no electricity that time, but buffet bah, how to resist! three candles, say the dead's person name 3 times and *PPOOF*


OH! JONAS BROTHERS ALL got their haircut! but JOE! I WANT YOU SOS hair! SOS HAIR! SOS HAIR! its still long. boo. but nick's one is awesome. xD

okay, JB's rants over!

and..i need to ...EAT! till here then!

im being all emotional nowadays. : SUCKISH! but thank goodness, i have such funny friends! HAHAHA! YOU GUYS ARE D BWEST!

and a spider just crawled out from the plate which is my brunch. and if it laid eggs which is *CHOY* and i eat it then..maybe the future spiderwoman is me! HAHAHA! JUST KIDDING OKAY! CHOY!


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