Thursday, May 29, 2008

im getting bald...

Im sure most of you have read maria's latest post.


since everyone is being bitchy nowadays, i wanna join in too! wannabe much? actually, nah...

forget it. im not a good bitch. maria is a super fantastic bitch. trust me, any passerby walks by for sure die one. maria will be there saying all the negatives stuffs about them.

bitch? hm. who invented that word? isnt the meaning = female dog
then why is it only referring to us females? is it cause um, female dog = human female?

lets not make everyone super confuse. BITCH = FEMALE DOG
FOR ME, its BIMBOS WHO ARE MOSTLY BITCHY! and also prasan all the way.

"omg, im so bimbo"

bimbo expression means, someone who's attractive but dumb.

i know, they like mostly the "attractive part" but DUMB? DUMMIES? URGH. Worst part is, there are some people who are both unattractive and dumb. should we call them DIMBO[s]?

dont worry, its only my opinion. not referring to anyone in, nyeh. :)

heh. anyway, saturday is a holiday! YEAY! school is so boring. corrections, corrections, corrections.

but to relieve the boredom, i played truth and dare with mar and mich! IT WAS SO FUN. michee got the less dares. and well, being the unlucky one, i have to the hard ones. hum, like hugging people, hugging shieeli was easy. oh, kimberly too. they expected me to asked DarrenT, "have you lost weight?" HOW COULD YOU HAHAHA! But he answered, "yes".


nowadays, my falling..and falling more. must be the excessive combing everyday. Yep, i comb a lot. im super self concsious which is not good. you have to be confident in yourself but i just lack in that. Back to the combing part, yess, i dont wanna BE BALD! CAN YOU even imagine me bald?

OH SHUCKS. my fringe especially! i was pulling it then 3 or 4 strands drop out. only one simple pull can pull down 3-4 strands, and i love combing like 10-15 times a day! :O SO, AIYOH! appro, is 30 strands hair drop a day! normal people only drop 7 strands a day. me is like...baldy.

Bald Lilian. after a few years probly, i will look like that.

and my eyebrows are super high. its like funny. i just noticed it last year. if i used an eyebrow pencil to shape it, woo, it looks as if im mad or getting hairy-er. like big foot. my high eyebrow makes me look like im mad. self destruct?

AHH, must love myself. :) I LOVE MYSELF. the way i look!

to celebrate it, lets post up some pics. well, yeah.

this picture is well. during cny. an old picture. guess whos the one in pink and the one with the big mouth. :)

HISCUBIS! anyone mad? im worried...i had a dream and i said hiscubis to a couple of foreigners and they got mad and chase me. but lucky for maria's driving skills in the SUV pajero, we managed to escape. whew. by we it means, me mich and mar. ITS A DREAM OKAY. maria doesnt know how to drive now. creepy dream tho.


chukyo hanshin keihin! 8)

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