Monday, May 12, 2008

i believe :)

hello :) im actually not suppose to be blogging right now, but studying STILL, only for a while.

exams coming in two more days! *gasps* but the sooner the better, and after its finish, then HAPPY HOUR! Form 3 is tough! theres so much to be studied and so much to be crammed in my mind. lucky for me, i have no obsessions currently, except for mr joe jonas. :)

*SCREAMS* i really still like JOE! EEE! *coughs*

anyway, i saw my neighbour's daughter just now, who just came back from singapore. and darn, so embarassing. COS, ever since that "incident" we never spoke. she used to be so nice, so kind, so funny and now. du du du...

its all because a few years ago, in my house both of us were so high! NOT LIKE LESBOism high! We were giggling there and my eye caught urm. *coughs* an underwear(i think its my dad's)hidden in the cupboard. and yes,me being a very mischiveous person, i snatched it and threw it to her and it landed on top of her HEAD.

so if you were her, will you be mad?

hm. i take that as a yes.

She was so mad and she screamed out, "YOU XIAO KA? UNDERWEAR LA!!! AND YOUR PAPA ONE AGAIN!"

she was burning, mad, sizzling, on fire and she never talk to me ever since. *sniffs* so sad. no lar, we still smile to each other but were not as close as last time. I WAS SMALL OKAY! THATS WHY i did such a stupid thing.

I can still remember her look when the undie landed on top of her head. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SORRY! shes actually form 4 that time when i was only 11 or 12. i think.

ahh, anywayyy, yesterday was mothers day and all. happy mama's day! i watched cinderella 3. so touching. it shows true love does exist. and i DO believe in love at first sight and true love. except i havent experienced it. there must be like a special connection like *lighting zilch*

lets take an example.
vincent and *coughs* michee HAHAH it would turn out like:

vincent: *looks at michee*
michee: *looks at vincent*
vin & mich: .........*zzzzz*
vincent: i love you so much like i love those beautiful stars embroided on the skies!


i sense someone's fuming now. SORRY bah, michee! ^^v be happy, smile often, makes you look 10 years younger!

before i end this post, pictures!

i wasnt ready yet, i just like the colour of the background.

posers..hmm not exactly

till here then! need to eat dinner and study history.

oh and,
good luck to all of you in your exams.

*grumbles* wish you fail.


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