Friday, May 09, 2008

the FUNNY dreams

do you know that...

I lost my virginity to Tyra Banks and i have been shot?

IN MY DREAMS! (trick ya)

hmm. dont feel disgusted! i never thought of having sex with Tyra Banks too! its just a dream anyway. the tyra bank was like months ago, i think last year and the "shot" one, is just a few days ago. gosh!

anyway, lemme describe the dream where i lost my virginity to tyra.

um, i was a delivery girl, and tyra was on her couch, lying there, *ahem* naked. IM SO SORRY BUT ITS TRUE OKAY! she had chocolatey boobs and she was like, "cmhere cmhere" to me. i guess i was turn on by that. (not in real life) so you know what happen rest? dontyou?

in case you start wondering im a dirty girl or whut. please think.


but it was all a dream. so no biggie.

i think the part where i kena shot was cool. i actually experienced it. it doesnt hurt at first, but slowly it hurts. i was shot at the ribs! just like Jen Aniston in the movie "Derailed" ;) that darn Eustace whos in my dream cheated me and called the big bouncer guy to shoot me. but all's fair and square cos the bouncer guy has also been shot!


but it would be so much better if i get to lost my virginity to Joe jonas at least. BOO! me and maria are thinking really dirty nowadays! i thought of raping Joe and maria wanna rape her Japanese guy! HAHAHA! OH! It would be great to rape him and then go to jail. no regrets! imagine.

*joe pumping iron* :D


oh yeah. i know i must have bore you with my obsessions and all. too bad, this is my blog, i blog anything i want. so yeah.

i guess this is for my grandmama! so gorgeous! i love the butterflies!

my dad actually told us hes gonna be on a newspaper! LOL

dad: you know im gonna be in the newspaper?
mum: what you do? do something wrong hah?
dex: OOO! you eat drugs? shabu?
*long silence pause*
dad: what is shabu?

he donate money to charity thats why. how nice of my dad!

i need to go miri this weekend again! celebrating mothers day! yippee! oh darn, my hair is so thick, esp my fringe! i dont wanna end up looking like someone! pssst! xD

awawawah! till here then! ciaos!

and I WANNA EAT CHOCOLATES with buttermilk! :)

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