Friday, May 30, 2008

the fact that i exercised...

hum. my muscles hurt now, esp the ass part. too much exercising! we exercised in fitness zone. ;) FREE OF course! i love free stuffs. nyeh, thats me!

oh, we = me, maria,michee,jaywen,sabena,calvin and esther!

the best part about exercising in there is the facilities you get to use! SWIMMING! *thumbs up* But, i didnt expect the water to be so deep! i know, 5 ft aint that deep, what you expect? More importantly, i kept on screaming the whole time because i keep sinking into the water.

Lucky for maria aka miss taxi! HAHAHA! whenever i need maria, i just wave my hand and she will come swimming by and take me to the other side. I was clinging onto to her most of the time.

the worst part of carrying me is, i will MAKE YOU DROWN!

i made sabena, michee and maria drown! well, not exactly, i just push their heads into the water..HAHA MARIA! OMG! I stepped on her back and her body sinked flat into the pool floor! LOL sorry maria! i can still imagine that! HAHA! Their screams are still haunting me! brrr~

i shallowed a lot of chlorine water. DARN. and also, it makes my hair super stiff.

anyway, pictures.

michee and me in the changing rooms!

im sitting on the ball. ;)

that's just the way we roll!

HHAHAHA! POSER MUCH? look at jaywen lying seductively on the floor, well, not seductive, happy go lucky! :D

me and jwen

after swimming, just chillin' out!

and the worst part of swimming in a public pool is...

you dont know if that person is clean and he/she might dirty the pool. or pee in the pool. WELL, i used to PEE in the pool when i was small, but nah. peeing now is bad. ;) im now FOURTEEN dude!

And lucky for me, i came out of the pool just in time! There were some people who brought snacks into the pool which is super disgusting! they ate keropoks and i can just imagine the sisa-sisa of the keropoks floating on the pool. ALSO, after they eat, instead of licking their fingers, they just drown their hands into the pool!

but i dont think the exercising work out, cause after exercising, i went to makan. OH well, not like i need to lose any weight. Im already ....well...better dont mention it eh.

OOOH! WE saw wuchun! nice big eyes and super sharp nose. TALL too. But, aiyoh, i din even take picture with him. shi kui, but nvm. He will still come back to brunei. Now..unlike, Joe Jonas! *dreams*

HAHAHA. i wanna go play nancy drew now. that game is so addictive.

till here! cheers!
im so chilling out tonight.

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