Sunday, May 04, 2008

do you know youre so..urm...beeechy?

what does this look like to you?


or a cat trying to do its business?

OBVIOUSLY. it may look cutesy and cuddly and all, but when you get near it, *rawwwrrrr*
but still, sorry for showing a picture of a toilet bowl to you. not very pleasant to see huh? but gotta learn to accept the fact that we all have to see this every single day just to pass motion. :)


yesterday while roaming through the magazines displayed for sale, i saw the CUTEST JOE JONAS PICTURE EVER! SO BLOODY CUTE! T.T

and i saw some pics of his fans snuggling up to him! i wish i was in their shoes man! UNFAIR! as vincent said, they are in LA and we are in brunei, its impossible to meet them. but nothing is impossible, i just hope one day, i get to meet and hug joe jonas! HUG IS A MUST.

and *sniffs* im also obsessed(well, not obsessed) just think Max Lloyd Jones is so blooody cute! :D and hes only 17! LIKE WHOA! wait, 16 or 17. HAHAHA WAIT NICK J is more younger than him. boo.
and i gtg. im using computer secretly when my mum's out. till here.

OH! AND CHRIS BROWN DIED IN the movie "stomp the yard" *coughs*


how mean of me but. sorry. O:)
AND BOOOOH! I CANT FIND JOE JONAS pic, i mean the cutest one! BOO! i will cari nxt time.

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