Thursday, May 22, 2008

and im back for the mood of freedom!

FINALLY I CAN BLOG! its been exactly 10 beautiful days that i havent blog due to exams. HISTORY IS A PAINKILLER MAN! essays! T.T oh. but i get to see someone! :) HAHAHA! its fun.

anyway, currently, theres a lot of bugs in my house now. you k now, the bugs that come out, when it rains usually? Ew.'s the 22nd and theres something i would like to say!


you're 14 now, same like us! time still passes so fast, and its fun to know about new stuffs as we grow each year, oh and the memories i had with you like, in form 1, remembering the grapes and seling's underwear with jeremy's face on it? those silly little jokes we had. and the cute guys we talk about ? Ah, that was form 1. Form 2, was hectic all right, but still thats part of our life, aint it? theres not much to say, but have a great birthday! :D


hee! we're celebrating maria's and jaywen's birthday today! its fun! we had sushis. darn. all i can say is i love food!

nothing much to say so pictures then.

jaywen took this, candid all right, but looks pretty nice.

hello! this are companions for the jonas brothers! *smirks* since its maria's birthday, she gets Joe for A DAY! HAHAHA! i will get...darren teo then! *wails*

i *hearts* JOE! HAHAHA! thats the meaning to me

as you can see, theres part of jaywen's leg and maria's at the background!

now im into bitch mode. as in bitching sessions. phew!

no1: old men who pout.

guys who pout are okay, but old belly pot 50+ or 60+ sucks! theres this indian(not being racist or whatsoever) he was
playing with his phone then he pout and then he looked. LIKE WHAT THE? are you showing me that youre a better pouter than me? STUPID PATCHI!

no2: people who are phone-itisist(play too much with their hphones).

yes, from that, yep, im not saying you cant play with your phone. but, um. i was in this restaurant, one by one a guy came in, they sit down, take out their phones and then start looking at it like its a valuable resource. And, one important note, i take out my phone to check the time, messages and phone calls. but them, they dont need to touch i tell you, no need press keypad, yes, so "modern" *coughs* its like they just have to hold it and look at the screen.

OH! i get it, eye detection! whichever icon your eye detects, your phone will analyze it and go to that particular file. hm, such a phone dont need key pads dont they? then why..on earth do yours have? BLOODY! unless, its a message or a game you 're interested it, its okay. but erm. looking at the screen only? wow. maybe i will reconsider buying your "modern" phone, hey?

LOL. BITCH MODE OVER. that felt goood.

some random pictures?

*smiles* with teeth! LOL i know..i know..

hmm..emo? this doesnt look like me at all.

since im such in a good mood today, this will be a urm. relatively okay-long post.
some random facts about ME!

1] i am a romantic person(as in, i love romance)
2] i like food. yep! except with garlics.
3] cats are my fave? i like dogs too.
4] i am a gamer addict. once i start getting really engrossed in something i must do it finish. MUST. like games.
5] i have this weird habit of rolling eyes when i look at strangers, rude ey!
6] nature is soothing.
7] i am very very shy. i wont look at the eyes of the person who im shy with.

lastly. i love Joe Jonas very much now Y
EEEEE! TOO OBSESSED! my biggest whole wide dream is to meet and HUG JOE JONAS! *screams*

i guess thats all. will blog some day later. oh, i better go into my room and chill, before bugs start attacking me. vaio..laptop....i i would trade anything to meet Joe Jonas, except for friends and family tho. its a personal thing. LOL.

till here. cheers.

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