Saturday, April 05, 2008

plastic surgery

TODAY'S TOPIC OF THE DAY: how would you feel if your boyfriend/girlfriend or bestfriend, normal friend or enemies do PLASTIC SURGERY? (no matter if it fails or its a success)

yes, from that topic above. i interviewed some of the people in my class about it. more like discussed. :)

I asked vincent how would he feel. he said its better i remained the same. T.T how nice of him!

you see, you have to ask the right person. for example, you ask your enemy, she will prolly say, "like who cares, go and do then, you will look even fuglier." Just like how vinesh answered, "like who give a shit about seling" when i asked him what IF seling went and do plastic surgery. Different answers from different people.

of course, your boyfriend wont like it it you change your face because you are not "original" anymore. Just as said from Bruce regarding Jaywen. *sniffs*

weeising well, a typical boy, said, "EW." to any body who does plastic surgery. so my intention here is, people who cares about you will urge you not to do plastic surgery. But people who dislikes you, WILL not give a damn shit even if you plastic surgery. ^^

TRY AND ASK your friends or enemy blabla or your mum and dad.

i asked my brother about it.

me: what if i go and do plastic surgery?
bro: ... BLEEHRKS *shows tongue out*

so is or not care. *confused*

dont i sound so experienced? HAHAHA! Okay, i know this posts sounds so boring and all. but dont blame me, im being smary pants and all today. 8)

till here then.
need to do computer project.



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