Thursday, April 03, 2008

normal life with weird happenings!

eeee! i got the pictures took in singapore by mr mark yapp and cikgu amelly. the pictures are so CANDID! HAHAHA! But someone looooooked so adorable, hot, cute, handsome in it! He is so photogenic! :D *droools* i love the pictures.

HAHA. i love the meerkets pictures the most! LIKE SO DAMN CUTE! *--*

okay! now off to my rantings. i love love harvest moon! I like the fact that we can marry someone, sell stuffs, milk cows, farming and all! its all so cool! like a family thing. its like a country game, love the soothing songs. hey, am i commenting on them? hm. BUT its super! :D too bad characters cannot speak which sucks. a lot. hope they can make the characters speak. boo.

oh. and lately, i have been watching lots of cartoons. one in example is, courage the cowardly dog! *--* i likeeee it! seriously, i think i prefer horror movies most of all. WAIT. i like romance movies too. sorta like the fresh new storyline type not the old school type. SIGH. i watched John Tucker must Die and what else can i say? The lead actor is super duper HOT!

oh, and yesterday, *sniffs* our mr tiong excused us of stealing the school fees money. NO lar, its just hes pleading us to give him back and all. then, i shared a joke with vincent. lol.

me: OH! Vincent, give teacher back the money lah!
vincent: *O.O* you dont trust me? we three years together already you still dont trust me?
me: err..
vincent: AS FRIENDS LAH! you thought what? -__-

i think its funny for me.

mum: so if me and your laopo jumped into the water, who you save first?
me: OF course he save his laopo lah!
bro: my wife!
mum: you dont care about me lah? why dont save me?
mum: later your laopo pelacur you oso dono, you still want?
bro: still want!
mum: WHY?

a conver between my mum and my bro. hahahah! theyre not mad so its okay. safe during dinner time. O:-) urm. i gtg now! i wanna study maths. EXAMS COMING! *panic* panic* such a nerd i know. 8)

before i ciao, some pictures from my pendrive! :D

aly always looks into the camera i dont know why! his eyes are "allergic" to cameras! or should i say they are sensitive! check out poor faiz, can only drink his slurpee! kasian eh!

i like this picture..:p SO CANDID! HAHAHAH! i cropped it cos the mb is too big. very slow to upload wah.

try to click on it if you can. POOR GEORGE and KEVIN kena bitten by the little croco man!

dan dan dan! this is the LUGE! im so kuai, listening to the man, look at michee! JAYPEE IS NOT THERE! i din noe the ang mo was beside me! :O LOL

kayong said i was exposing michee's ass here! NOT bad mah! HAHA! Candid! i wonder what we re doing that time!

LOOK AT MY HAND! *points* i was holding a comb! im always like that! HUH!

MEERKETS! SO CUTE! EEEEEE! their damn round eyes! im in love with meerkets so much!
till here then. ciao!
OH yeah. one more thing. MICHEE, is getting hornier each day! :O haha, nahh..just kidding!

"IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT HUH?" *knocks your noggin 3 times*

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