Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a night in katz motel!

humm..screw that last post! HAHAHA! I know im blogging now, and my guilt conscience tells me that i should be studying instead of blogging! But this will be the last post. PROMISED.

i think.....for right now.

oh! i keep thinking about "a night in the katz motel" an episode from courage the cowardly dog. the cartoon network series one. I donno why i keep talking about it in school. :) I was discussing it with michee! But she forgotten how Mr. Katz looks like! Okay, FYI, a night at the katz motel is about:

"A Night At The Katz Motel Muriel, Eustace and Courage check into a motel run by a sinister cat, it turns out to be a long night"

esh. this plot sounds so boring and all. let me give it some pizzazz!

" On a rainy stormy night, Muriel, Eustace and Courage check into a motel, run by a bright red skinny, slim, yellow eyed cat, name Mr Katz! And poor courage was not allowed in the motel so he had to stay outside. So Muriel and Eustace left Courage outside and went up to their rooms. Eustace, feeling tired went to sleep. Muriel took a hot bath, and then creepy icky spiders start crawling out from the tap hole! EEK!*only one spidy which is bright green in colour*


i am too lazy to write the rest! GO WATCH OKAY! Mine is not that detailed!

*sniffs* that episode was awesome! *thumbs up* Mr Katz is so funny! HAHAHAA! And the spideys are well, SO different that our real life spideys but yet creepy and disgusting.

since miss michee had forgotten about how our beautiful Mr Katz looks like, i will just have to draw one.

*round of applause*

that is mr katz. okay okay, i know, very different, in the episode, he looks more sleek, thin and more mysterious eyed. oh and another picture I found in the computer lab today in school. I was typing in sleeping and this picture came out. LOL.

maria: there’s a woman beside him!
me: where got? *looks at the picture and saw ¼ of a head* EH! REALLY GOT! :O

I guess that picture aint a good picture! *devilish look*

Ahh, I gtg now. its really late and I need to sleep.

oh yeah! I’m gonna change my blogname when exams are over! Do relink. Thanks. And don’t criticize or make fun of my blogname. I won’t appreciate it. But if you really wanna comment meanie stuffs, then shut up.

and, I got to stop sticking my tongue out whenever I see Joe Jonas’s pictures. *ahem* as in *salivating*

ooooooo, Mr Squirrel wanna cook Cajun Stew but he need a cute little grandma!

*laughs hysterically*

an inside joke of mine. :)

till here. ciao!
still on,


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