Sunday, April 13, 2008



as from my title above, i have this really really HUGE OBSESSION for the jonas brothers. actually, more to joe. AHA. whut? JOE is the most hottest and cutest one inside. no doubt. wait. sexy. ;)

nick is not bad. kinda cute in a way, esp after seeing him playing the piano in disney channel. :D, okay. kinda cute sometimes. what a bad time to like the jonas brothers now! should be at least after our exams! i so badly wanna meet joe! its now 10.56 in the morning, and in america, it will probly be about 11 at night. are they sleeping now? sweet dreams, joe!

i cant concentrate in my studies. T.T even in school! hmm, like i pay attention in school. i keep imagining stuffs like, what if, the PA system suddenly annouce,

"greetings, students of sas, as from our golden julibee celebration, we will have a special guest, which is the.. JONAS BROTHERS!"


and everyone will rushed out of their classrooms and go crowd around the jonas brothers. hyek hyek! not all. only those who fantasize them la. can you imagine, mr bull rush out, michee?

i actually like their "kids of the future song" HAHAHA.

my mum's nagging me to get off the comp now. studies bah. and i really dislike cramming stuffs into my head. i so do not wanna have a big head. you know like, those martian aliens who wanna control the world. and, my freakin fringe is so thick. but i dont wanna cut it. cos my hair is not that long yet. shush. next time then.

till here then. bye.


joe looks so "mmm" here.

i love you JOE JONAS! and i miss your not so long not so short hair. just like your sos video. :'(

i realize..i havent posted much pics of myself lately. HAHA. NVM.

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