Thursday, April 17, 2008


i havent been blogging for days! and i really do miss blogging, but i cant help it, i have to study. BOO!

im now currently downloading the jonas brothers songs[mp3]. and i really hate it when you type in "download mp3 music" and out come all those "Bollywood music" and "Hindi music" HELLO! Maybe i should just add in a "download ENGLISH music" so urgh!

ah, because of exams, i wont be blogging at all. until exams are finished, then i blog.

this is to thank michee for helping me burn the jonas brothers songs!

oh yeah, today in school, i asked syuaib whether he like big boobs or small boobs. *smirks*

me: you like big boobs or small boobs?
syuaib: i like big books, because it improve..
me: *gives syuaib the disgusting look*
michee: improve what?
syuaib: improve your language!
me: WHAT? im talking about BOOBS NOT BOOKS! O.O

lol. what a mistake he can make. but then, hes a nice boy, nice boy mistakes boobs for books. but in the end, he said he likes normal normal boobs. HAHAHA.

i gtg now! gonna eat lunch. its now 3 and i havent eat yet! :O supposely be brunch then.


and lastly, i will be on hiatus until exams are over! its like a month without blogging! gosh man!


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