Monday, April 07, 2008

5 THINGS i wanna do!

sigh~as from my title above, those 5 things i wanna do have been roaming around my mind for weeks. I wanna do them so badly!

actually, its only 4 things, but 4 is not a good number(yeah, you get it) so 5 things then.

hmm..the first thing i wanna do super super badly is SHOPPING!

i just wnna go on a huge shopping spree and end up with lots of plastic bags! :D

seriously, last time i dread shopping(i mentioned this before) very MUCH. cause its so boring. then, stumbled into blogshops and O.O it changed my point of view.

i feel so sad that we didnt get to shop in vivo city in singapore. i really wanna go there so badly! T.T i kept on having dreams about shopping! are those considered nightmares? tsk. even had a dream, maria, michee, vincent and szekhai bought me a long sleeved dress which costed $100+ which i dont like! HAHAH! weird.


i wanna eat SUSHI!

i havent tasted sushi for months! kinda regret not eating more sushis in sabena's open house. URGH! i was full okay! and its so embarassing to go back to the table more than 2 times!

and also~I WANT TO PLAY HARVEST MOON! SO BADLY. T.T so badly indeed. i love harvest moon! i actually love playing ps2 games. i can play for like the whole day straight. :D those who never tried playing harvest moon, play now! its so soothing, the music i mean. and the characters, are well. cute!

and then next, i want vaio laptop even more after michee told me its having a sale reduced from $2000+ to $1000+ :O shocked or not! darn. with a laptop, i get to download sims2 and harvest moon into it. pc also can, but memory space so little.

and call me a computer genius now! i jsut downloaded warcraft for my bro. IT WAS DIFFICULT OKAY! HAHAHA! im being such a smarty pants nowadays. O:)

lastly.....all i want to do





yes, study and get good marks and naturally, all the stuffs will come to me like whoa! HAHAHAH!

i wont be blogging much because exams are coming soon. so yeah.

mum's nagging me to get off the computer! *gasps* she will slaughter me like a praying mantis! *as described by maria*

so bye!

the jonas brothers are all so cute...INCLUDING. KEVIN. the 28 year old man. HAHAHA. *smirks*

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