Wednesday, April 09, 2008

200th post!



thats what i did during PE today! it was my first time, which i actually shoot the ball inside the hoop! Okay, not considered first, just first time in front of SO many pple. HAHAHAHA! I was SUPER EXCITED! But before i shoot, most of them were like, "gimme the ball, lilian" "gimme" I ignored! :O how mean of me! Hey, i wanted to shoot so badly already okay. pfft. just cause i never shoot before doesnt mean, i cant shoot!

everybody can do everything, its just a matter of luck, and am I lucky that time! ^^v

but before that, i was speaking out so many vulgar words, HAHA, like " pass the fucking ball " AND oh i cant stand maths test girl's choker necklace. its so big and black. i feel like snatching it from her. i guess shes js trying to make a statement with her choker. trying to attract fuzzy wuzzy? :(

okay, gtg now!

btw, this is my 200th post! *--*


MICHEEEEEE!!!!!! I LOVEEEEEEEE YOUUUUU ofr burning the jonas brothers songs for me! I LOVE LOVE YOU! *tears of joy*

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