Saturday, March 29, 2008

time passes so fast sometimes..

You know what? its already 29th of March. which means April will be coming up soon. kinda sad tho. time passes so fast. I remember in January me, maria and michee were all so excited about going to Singapore! We have been anticipating Singapore for about one month plus. hais. now that Singapore is over, we have nothing to anticipate. Kinda sad tho.

TIME PASSES SO FAST! Like a blink of eye, and four days three nights of Singapore are gone. but, I don’t miss Singapore that much now. I just feel, time’s passing too fast. I cant bear to see myself staying at home everyday facing the computer and tv, and just do the usual, eat sleep eat sleep. I wanna go out and have fun! Enjoy this life while im young!

now, im gonna make a list of stuffs I MUST do this year. Actually, partly, most of them are from my wishlist, but I believe I could complete this stuffs within this year. I BELIEVE! :DD

- MUST MUST get a vaio laptop
- must get good results in PMB.
- must be more fitter
- start to play piano more often
- highlight my hair
- go travelling with my parents
- go on a HUGE shopping spree (im usually very kedekut with my money okay, I tend to window shop more than buying)
- have an enjoyable birthday! :D
- have lots of gifts and those gifts are exactly what I want! (I don’t like this phrase, “its better to give than to receive”) SO UNFAIR! T_T

HAHA. Okay I know, I can actually do this last year before 2008 was coming but I didn’t know I was so lagging till now.

speaking of my birthday, I wonder who’s bday is coming soon. All I can remember is Maria’s one! HAHAA! OH, AND JAYWEN! HAHAHA! Still so early to their birthdays! HAHA!

when my birthday’s coming nearer, I will list out the stuffs I want so each of you guys who reads my blog will have to buy me that particular gift. I would want a vaio very much, but HAHAHA! Let my parents buy that. ;)

MARIA! WHAT do you want for your birthday gift huh? TELL ME! do you want alystair or Kevin(the cute one)? I will make them wear mickey mouse earphones and both of them must be topless while wearing a bright red spandex, and be GIGOLOS FOR A DAY! BWAHAHAHAHA xD sorry, no sexual activities is available. sorry for the inconvenience caused.

WHO WANTS FAIZ? *grins* I know! For michee’s birthday gift, I will make faiz wear a cowboy hat, topless again, with a sexy mini skirt flinging his manly arms to michee. AND. sexual activities are allowed only if faiz wants it.
I bet michee must be like v^--^v

ps: michee, I changed my mind about wanting a Barbie doll for my birthday. :p its too creepy.

ONE more stuff I have to do.

- stop being so dirty-minded.

YEAHHH. as if. xp

OH YEAH. this one is for michee. i know you like this.

"you're short. but adorable." :)

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