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Hellloo peeeepols! Im back from singapore! The first thing im gonna say is, we didnt do much SHOPPING! So sad! I only bought one top. Actually, 5 hours of shopping was gone when we found out that Aiysah was left in brunei because her passport something wrong so we had to wait for her. tsk.

kinda regret not going to bugis street cos the stuffs there are more cheaper and nicer. but at least i bought something. and most importantly, i miss those kids there! They're so cute and funny! And also, i miss everyone who went to that trip. awww.

okay, pictures.

day 1.

me, early in the morning, on the way to the airport. doesnt the sky looks beautiful here?

in coffee bean. gonna be boarding soon. hmm, i like my hair in this picture. (not to be prasan)

arrived in changi airport. thats michee and me. well, duh. see that "our city" behind?

me with the wine. *brisk look*

Oh yeah. something embarassing happened that time while we are waiting for the bloody bus to arrive and of course, pissed because no shopping! so i sat on top of my luggage and then tripped and i fell over and did the scissors pose(legs wide open) SO BLOOODEH PAISEH!

i heard pple saying, "OHH" "HAHAHAHA" "HOW EMBARASSING"

but Darren thought it was michee who fell. lol. lucky me.

we live in a hostel, not the hotel in geylang, as teacher said it was "dangerous". (must be prostitutes and people having open sex) the hostel not bad. modern and cool. i so wanted to see the prostitutes okay. we lived near little india. so many indians. *--* HAHA OKAY. the rooms were quite nice and the mirror too! Big and square. lovely. :)

my roomates were Jaslyn, Shieeli, Maria, Michee, Jaywen and me!

waiting for our rooms to be ready

at night, we went shopping! So thrilled kan? But hell, we went to this Sim Lim Square which all five floors sell electronic stuffs! So think about it, does girls like shopping for electronic stuffs? er..those are for guys! But at least, we went to OG to shop later. Stuffs are quite expensive tho.

michee and me trying out dresses in OG. That dress so doesnt suit me. Jaywen went to try it. it suits her nicely. as for me i was so *paiseh* HAHA!

i loved that dress but its costs SGD$79.90 errrr..HAHA! I love it because it makes my *ahem* look bigger okay!

notice our eyeliners?

day 2.

i was so fascinated by this prawn's antennas. usually, brunei's prawns antennas are removed. sakai lah me.

after brekkie, we went to the science center. first time i went there. SO COOL AND EXCITING! I was like O.O when i reached there and inside was even more wow. AHH, im such a nerd. wait. i am. :)

purple stripes and red stripes! Notice the colourful socks? Those are michee's one. she lent it too me. awww.

me and ronald mcdonald. my darling. HAHA. Just kidding. i so do not want my guy to have an afro hair. HAHA. and red thick lips. RED lips are okay, but super thick?

how do i look bodyless guys? I first saw Alystair in there and i was like, "OH SHIT! Where the heck did his body went?" Cool kan this thing! i look fat in there. good lorh.

maria, me and michee went to this cells thingy. so scary man. the song "OMNI OMNI OMNI" was playing. brr. but cool hor. kaleidescope!

later we then went to omnitheatre to watch something about dinosaurs. So cool. the screen was like "wow" so 3D. I actually enjoyed the movie. LOL. But in between, i keep annoying michee by talking about stupid boy and mr bull. Hope michee still rmbred them. Some pple slept in between the movie. they said it was boring. :(

mich sneakers and my flats in between of Paulson's head. *smirks*

we then later went to snowcity and it was extremely cold in there! My face was like frozen solid. Kayong kept on throwing snow which landed on my face and back. i was so pissed that time. frozebite man! HAHA! the funniest thing that time was, when i realized on top of the huge slide, we were hand to hand with each other, and me had to chained with mr bronie. i was like :O NOOO! HAHA! But then i was forced to. After a while, mr bronie moved a bit more further than us, and i let go my arm, and guess what? He slide down first and alone and said "LILIAN! WHY YOU LET GO?"

HAHAHAHAH! FCUKING HILARIOUS! (i know michee like this)

we finally went shopping at night in bugis. :DDDD But sadly, only for one hour only. DAMN. REALLY SHOULD HAVE went bugis street. more cheaper. How come kayong can bargain from $33 to $15 man. So impossible! Chi shi wo le!

day 3.

we went to the zoo! 5 years of not visiting the zoo. and sigh. love the zoo. ^^v esp the darling animals!

me and the pelican(the attention grabber) it keep on stealing Phillip the seal limelight! eylah.

penguins! adorable much. with those waddly feets.

I was so pissed that I didnt get kissed by Phillip the seal. Me and michee were lining up behind this tall angmo guy. we didnt get kissed by it because we were way behind and this angmo guy did get kissed. :( Phillip is a guy! OF course he wants girls, not guys! BALLS OF FURY!

me with the kangaroo. fake one lah.

these are meerkats. and. *pause* *pause* THEY ARE SUPER UBER ADORABLE OKAY! I fell in love with them the moment i saw them. Love their small paws small eyes, small feets! I wish i can adopt them!

when they saw me, they looked at me with their darling eyes. i was like *heart melts* i asked them to come nearer so i can touched them and guess what? they looked at me with their beautiful eyes, then look down on the big hole in front of them and look at me again. AWWW. I think its trying to tell me, "Naw, we cant come."

wandered the zoo. saw many exciting animals. and then in the afternoon, we went sentosa.

like the double decker bus. *--*

me an micheeee on top of the double decker.

sentosa was a bit dissapointing. not that fun. boo! I wana go vivo city so badly. URGH. but the luge and skytrain lifted me up. :D Luge was so fun. A cute guy chopped my hand. EEE! I was like "oooo..cute guy" HAHAHA! Suddenly chop man. o.o But i like it! i nearly fell off from the luge or whatsoever. Paiseh man. I went luge for the second time, and this bloody guy nearly bang onto me. I feel like giving him the buku lima man.

so hilarious when i was racing with "the guy who molested my friend" HAHAR!

SKYTRAIN! EEE! SO FUN! i wonder if this is my first time other than jerudong park and all. it was so high! my palms were sweaty and all. i took off my flats because of horror that it will drop. ESH.

me: *looking at a magazine*

the magazine in it was written: i have sweaty palms, and i am always worried that when i shake hands with my friends or people, im worried of how they think about me.

me: did you write this michee?
michee: no.

HAHAH. rmb michee? it was loooong time ago. so yeah.
oh yeah. late at night, in the hotel lift. a lot of the girls were cramming in the lift because all of us wana use the toilet first. and, then we pressed the wrong button and went down to B1. And a guy with a lil bit moustache(not bad looking).

someone: sorrry! its full!
the guy: ohh. sorry. can see that. it is full. (i think he said that)

*lift closed*

michee: aww. he's so nice.
mei thing: kinda cute.

after a few seconds...

jiapin: YUCK.

SHE S SO funny man! After the bath, all the girls come to our room and bitched about one person mainly her. YEAH. we were all eating instant mee noodles which were all bought by James. How nice. apparently, i wasnt very happy when someone from James room said "SEE! She take and go only" -___- What you want me to do? Stay in the room and eat the noodles raw in your face? Obviously, i will cook them. Shiz.

the girl we bitched about video camed people man! How pervert! She videocamed her roomates when they were sleeping! HAHA! So bloodeh pervert, but funny. Jiapin then did her "hee hee hee" laugh when she heard that. And her mee was coming out of her mouth like nose bleeding man. HAHA.
my mood was really bad at that time. i cant stand the pple "shh" each second because they were worried that she will hear it. and the phone kept on ringing . and importantly, cos of that bloody guy who said "i take and go" and worried that "someone" might snore at the night. sorry guys, if i offended you at that time.

day 4.

pple in the airport! waiting to check in.
we reached brunei at about 1+. Quite sad. :( They laughed at my passport picture. HAHA! aw. the food was good that time. fish was creaaamy. *smirks*

ahh, i gtg nw. from today onwards, my mum said i could only use comp for 1 hour which is mainly perhaps 8.30-9.30 at night. So take note of it! i will probly be online at that time only. esh.
now what to do! Computer project havent do! And pmb! *brrr* im getting so old now. form 3 is like you know old. i wanna be form 1 again! and be 13 years old twice again! sigh. time passes so fast. gotta treasure every moment of it.

till here yeah! byeeee!

and i so miss all the people who went to the trip. :)
ps: visit michee's blog for more pictures!

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