Monday, March 31, 2008

sick AGAIN :(

hola peepos :)

i am currently very very sick. BOO HOO! but it wasnt that bad, not like last time, that time lying on the bed like a dead person while struggling to study history. HMM, to rethink, it wasnt that bad. kinda funny.

School starts today. hais. i watched casino royale(again) the night before and all i could say is, Daniel Craig is Not to mention he has such dreamy blue eyes! Okay, okay, i know he's old and all. dont remind me. :) oh yeah, if you read michee's blog, heh. IMAGINARY PLAYMATE! seriously, that movie is so old, but after watching it, hmm. candace has such scary purple face. :O OMG! I just realized, its only premiered during 2006. not old leh!

about imaginary playmate, it reminds me back when i was , i used to play barbie dolls, and i love to make Trogger(tiger doll bought from singapore zoo) to rape Barbie and Pelina.(another barbie) IT WAS SO FUN THAT TIME! i even wanna make trogger and barbie married. HAHA! Unlike, michee, she used ken to rape barbie. my ken doll never wears clothes. he's always naked. poor guy. and then, my barbie dolls head began to dropped out one by one. :(

ah, i gtg now. i have to do my computer project. sigh. being a form 3 is hard! oh, that reminds me, i need to take my medicine! ^^


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