Thursday, March 20, 2008

sensual seduction xD

heya readers!

i just came back from miri..again! Glad to know my grandad's better now. He's been living in the hospital for days and he's fine now. just fine. at least now, i have the heart to go Singapore! Its just one more day and then POOF! SINGAPORE! HAHAHA! Main thing im excited is shopping! Shopping there will be shiok man! x)

haha. okay, okay..i will stop ranting abt singapore for the time being. at least for just now.

I just realized..i love MUCH! I LOVEEE LOVEE BABIES! They are so damn cute! Eeeee! I saw them in the hospital! They were just brought into the world! CUTE! All small hands and feets, small heads, small nose, all small la! some babies, i just dislike. very dislike indeed. *roll eyes*

just like last time, i on the way to miri by bus, theres this filipino baby. suddenly jumps up and look at me with those *__* yeah, those eyes. and then laughing with that "hekhekhek" its so obviously trying to get attention. not to mention it keep flinging her hands here and there so we can be like, " *-* !! EE! SO KE AI! I LUVVV!" Well, i ignored her and just scowled. My cousin on the otherhand, say shes so cute and all. *pukes*

i just hope i can have a healthy, chubby, fair baby!

big dreams! :D

i havent pack for the trip to singapore! aiya, dono why, just kinda lazy. will pack on 21st then. maybe im not that excited to go. OR MAYBE the night before singapore, i cant even freaking sleep because im too excited!

oh eeeah, have you heard the song, "SENSUAL SEDUCTION" by Snoop Dogg? ITS SUPER COOL! HAHAHA!

sensual seduction~


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