Sunday, March 09, 2008

poor phone!

MY PHONE IS SO DAMN LAUYA! now no network which means no msging, no calling and the usual! how can that be? T.T no memory card is already been so suffering and now, cannot message or call? EVN WORSE LAH! But now, my network's back. weird phone! first no network, then got network! apahal telephon ni?!? :(

ahh, its okae anyway. my mum will bring it to incomm to get it fixed anyway. :D AH! And, just came back from miri. went to miri to visit my grandparents. a lot of cars. probly cos of the election thingy.

I ATE CRABS! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! XD IT IS SO DELICIOUS, MOUTH WATERING SUCCULENT! HOHOHOHO! all my life, i have been wanting to EAT CRABS! HAHAHAHHAHAHA! So long i havent eat, and one taste brought all the happiness to me. :') ah. lovely lovely cooked crabs.

i dont like some of the girls i see in seria. hmph. *takes a shotgun and shoot their heads off* AHH! SOME OKAY! NOT ALL! actually, one only. :p HAH! Pathetic.

this woman, one of my grandma's fat friend(my grandad call her that) came and visit us today! HAHA! She never ever dared to come in to my grandma's hse, only once, when she had a severe stomachache and need to use the loo.

anyway, pictures! only one. HEH.

i love my grandma's bag so much! its so nice!

oh yeah, me and my darn brother was having a little spat about..

bro: *using my mum's phone calling his so called "bernice"*
me: haiya, ma! u see dexter keep calling bernice!
bro: can you stop being so busy body?
me: not like you not busy body about my stuff!
bro: oh yeah! later i call aaron soon
me: HUH..?
bro: i call aaron soon, then bruce..
me: -_______-

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