Monday, March 10, 2008

im a gooood daughter :D

you must be thinking. what the hell is she doing with that icky big bushy thing?

BEHOLD! Its me with a batch of vegetables. helping my sick mother doing cooking! hmm..i did quite a lot of chores today. *smirks* yes, i know im such a filial daughter. but, behind that filial daughter is asking for make my mum "gan dong" then she will buy me that vaio laptop! muahahahah!

ahh, dont cry, dont cry, i know youre gandong. xD - to michee.

still, get well soon mum! :)

today in school, during rk lessons, mr kenneth chin brought us to the ava room to watch a movie about Jesus. Its so sad. it pains me to see Jesus being tortured by the soldiers and all. sigh. But i didnt cry this time. i watched this movie so many times already so im used to it. (the sad part) but first time i watched, oh gosh, the tears are like streaming down like crazy man!

you should have seen Jaslyn. She cried until her eyes became puffy, as described by Sabena. Michee cried too! Another tear rolled down her cheek when Vincent asked whether she cried. WEEISING CRIED TOO! XD AH! IM just suprised to know that weeising is so lembut hati. wait, ws was about to cried. he didnt cry. okay. my mistake, so sue me! Bruce cried too. :'( NO LA! He didnt cry. hes this rich playboy guy whos used to relaxing by the pantai. HAHAHA!

I dont know why, but bruce reminds me of this horny guys that gets "HORNY" sometimes. EEK!

avoid him girls! bruce cheah kah chun. a guy who have no sideburns currently.

p/s: can anyone see my blog title? :/

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