Thursday, March 06, 2008

if you and i are a story that never gets told

heyyy! :D lately i din blog eventho exams are over. no updates in life! but! on my papers, its okay la. not bad. but im worried for maths and science. hais.

i saw LUKE MERNARD(is that how you spell?) in american idol! HAHAHAHA! he looks a bittt like orlando bloom only but orlando bloom is WAY better la! Orlando Bloom's eyes are more seducing, his eyebrows are more thicker and his face is just wonderful.

OH! and my mum lied to me about the vaio laptop! I hate liars. >:( she said i must get an average of 75+ GO DIE LA! 75 MAN! Like hell! i can only get 70 at least. shiz!

and damn fs doesnt wana let me upload my photos!

im so blank. nothing to blog. and i dont have pictures to blog about. cos my phone is not yet fix. i want my pictures songs and themes! T.T oh yeah, my mum told me she wana put a monitor in the living room so she can watch my every move. AIYA! who does she think i am? Prisoner meh? Or a person in a reality tv show meh? :/ quite embarassing tho if she actually planned to do that. me at home is like...-____________- very very unfeminine. :p HAHAH! VERY MAN.

nah! michee! tell me who you think is good looking inside as you said one of them is! i wonder who...:/

till here! nothing else to blog! :)


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