Saturday, March 15, 2008

VIEW THAT WEBBIE! I was like O.O when i saw it! HAHAHAH! i didnt rmb going in a porn site, then baru i realize, its sexy lingeries for the sims 2! That website is cool! It allows you to download stuffs for your sims and all! GARSHH! I want a vaio laptop now so that i can play sims2 at ease. Playing sims2 at the computer is like..slow. very slow for me. *grr*

i heard that David Hernandez is out. :O

I feel like stealing maria's Joe Jonas COS he is SO FREAKING HOT! MARIA! Why do we have like almost the same taste ey? First, AAAAAABALLLEEE and then JOE JONAS! HAHAHA! Oh maria! :p

you know i was thinking on how to make the sims2 girls boobs bigger. Esp the teenage girls one. SO SMALL YAH! I want bigger one for them! Oh, and im gonna download curls for them. ^^ heheheheh!

oh yeah, the golden jubilee run was okay. a lot of people came. maria came too! We got position 60++ perhaps. PFFT. Maria and me were walking at Kimberly's speed. actually, i think its better than the Shahbandar one. compared to this, shahbandar is like..-________- you know lah,the fact that i actually walked like a pregnant lady explains all! this run is actually not bad. except for the girl in front of Maria who was so freaking slow(why the hell must she run and keep rubbing her forehead with her hankie? Sweat is good!) and that Michee's "brother from another mother" nearly make maria fall! It was kinda funny tho. :p

micheeeee....IS A BULL! xD BULL LAH! you should get what i mean ey. Archuleta is out now, its Mr. Bull which is the "IN" thing of the moment. *smirks*

i think david archuleta CUTE in this picture. Have you ever posted this picture up mich? if you ever then...du du du du *paiseh*

dont worry, i wont take your david archuleta. just admiring him. I want JOE JONAS! xD he has such dreamy eyes. im so attracted to guys with *--* yeah. you get it, shiny eyes! It makes them look so adorable! AHHH! x)

anyway, i gtg now. busy now. going to miri later AGAIN. cos my grandad sick. maybe wont be coming to school on monday. i want to go to school and see *hints* *hints* and of course, Maria and Michee. (i know youre gan dong)

till here then! CHEERS!

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