Tuesday, March 04, 2008

exams are OVER! ^^v


exams are over! YIPPEE! and also, im not sick anymore. you should have seen me last sunday. i was obviously like a dead person lying on the bed, except that im not dead yet. urgh. maybe im not so brave afterall. :p

hmm..i wonder whats wrong with me nowadays. i think im getting lousier in adobe. i cant seem to create nice skins and plus, look at my now skin. i dont evn bother to change the layout, only the picture! wtf is wrong with me!! :( and the friggin colours clash! ARGH!

ahh, dont be so sad. afterall, exams are over kan? ;)

and today we got our computer papers back! my mum wasnt happy with my results. -__- as usual..doh. MR TIONG IS SO MEAN! he was marking the science papers and everyone was gathering and looking for their papers and i was in the crowd too looking for mine.

me: *spotted mr tiong giving correct to a wrong answer and told him*
mr tiong: OH. sorry! sorry!
maria: hey, lilian, what if its your paper?
me: huh? cannot be la, my handwriting not like that la!
mr tiong: *flipped through the page and look at the handwriting*
me: haiya! see! not mine la!
mr tiong: yeah, its not hers. its too NEAT! HA!HA!
me: -_______________-

eylah! saying like my handwriting is nasty.:( boohoo! anyway, you know what im waiting for now?


HEH! anyway, i wana go now.taking a break from playing computer all afternoon. till here! ciaos!

i think my hair hates me.

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