Wednesday, March 12, 2008


HELLO! :D ahh, this week is kinda busy for me. lots of projects need to be passed up, and theres some stuffs and yep, the golden jubilee run. IM GOING! :D HAHA! Hopefully, it will be better than last year's cross country run. i nearly died at there. after the run, confidently, im gona walk like a pregnant lady AGAIN but, its better to go than stay at home. boring weh.

oh yeap, yesterday i went mall with maria and michee! :D SHOPPING! HAHA! But its mostly, shopping for my stuffs. wait more like finding my stuffs. I want the full lenght stockings so badly and thanks maria SO MUCH! She kept on asking the shopkeepers for me! hee! thanks michee too for walking with me too. quite tiring lah, but in the end i managed to find it. :DD

MARIA! YOUR FACE DO NOT LOOK LIKE KYLE PATRICK! you, mrs patrick, is way more handsomer, seducing than KYLE PATRICK! :) but, kyle's not bad tho. quite good looking.

heh, enough with that then. mall overall was okay. i ate sushis! :D ah, damm, i love food so much!

anyway, the pictures taken are uploaded liao.

maria and michee trying to be emo, but seemed like they failed! HAHAH! michee, mrs universe!
i wana try for an emo pose too but in the end, i failed too! i look like im sneezing and rubbing the boogie and I DID NOT do that!


michee and maria! both wearing black tops!

US! maria lilian and michee!

today in school we went to the physics lab for the first time. okay, i know i sound so stupid. but! still! its first time! chatted with ngawai and kimberly! SO FUNNY KIMBERLY LAH! HAHAHA!

and..we also went to the hall for some pairama thingy. it was..ah..nvm then. in case there are some form 2's that reads my blog. HAHA! BUT then, we get to see dreamy boy! HAHA! Me and maria must learn to control ourselves, ey!

im hungry now! will go eat something now! need to build up my stamina for tommorow's trial run!


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