Wednesday, February 13, 2008


im back from sibu. ONE WEEK PLUS without school man! Torture! SIMPLY TORTURE! now that im back, i have to catch up with lots of hwks and tests and plus, exam's on the way. HIP HIP HOORAY. yeah right.

i got pictures. will upload tomoro lah. cos a lot and i wana study. :D exams coming okay and if i want that vaio laptop, i better get moving.

sibu's okay okay lah. not that fun, not that boring. WAIT. i feel like bitching about her now. hmm..should i or should i not? well..she dont read my blog. BUT! I will! TOMORO. OKAY. NO PROB. TOMORO I WILL BITCH ABOUT YOU! MUAHAHAHA!

YOU make me mad, I MAKE YOU hmm. EMBARASSED! MUAHAHA! *smacks head* serious a bit la. DOHH..if only many pple read my blog then baru she should be embarassed. but yeah, :p

IM so darn sleepy. you know its a complete torture sitting in the car for damn 6 hours on and back and forth from sibu. car sick lah. and plus in the car, you get dizzy, do you know why? cos they suck your bloody blood! HMM. I think la!

today in miri i felt like killing this guy in a pink shirt! HE LOOKS like this guy call Da Qiu or wtv. He kept on winking to his friends and laughing and flipping his dried sun burnt hair. and did i mentioned that he has such small eyes and big head? AND that made me MAD A LOT(the winking). and i saw this guy who wore stripes just like my dad and i gave him the "loook." NOT the "im attracted to you" look but the "i dont like your fcuking shirt look". I hate so many pple. WAIT. DISLIKE LAH. dont hate la. hate is bad. love thy enemy!

HAHA. WELL. blog agn tomoro. tata.

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