Sunday, February 03, 2008

stupid fs

Im freaking pissed right now!

Friendster is being such a bitch. Everytime i clicked home, there's this stupid ADD WIDGET thing or wtv! SO SHIZ. I cant even see my homepage! I cant see the latest updates, i cant farking see how many pple view me or shits. DAMN. seriously pissed. Stop asking me to add applications when i already add! STUPID APPLICATIONS.

Add App<-this button is killing me alive!

And plus, to add to the anger, i cant sign in msn, cos of troubleshoot and thing. ARGH! Today is the ultimate bad day. WHY IS IT ON A SUNDAY THEN?

bleh. im hungry.

ARGH! now i clicked home in friendster and guess where it leads me to? An unknowned fillipino/malay girl! THAT IS SO NOT MY PROFILE. GAH

at least i get to eat nice food. ^^

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