Friday, February 29, 2008

sick :(

BLEK! just ignore my last post. heh.

anyway, as seen from my post title, yes. im sick. dreadful man. T.T actually, it wasnt that bad. not really dizzy. quite okay lah! cos you knw why? cause Lilian is a very very brave girl. :)

i am brave.
i am.
dont try to tell me im not. so what if im not! are you brave yourself ? ;)

HAHA. OKAY. i know its very prasan mah, but of cors at times, puji diri lah. and yes, went to the doctor's. and i CANNOT stand it when the doctor have to use the err.."to feel your heartbeat" object. its because he have to go into your shirt to feel the heartbeat. i mean not saying hes a pervert but of course every doctor have to do that la. IT FEELS SO..SO..disgusting. ew.


it feels quite ticklish yet good, when i went to this salon last year. and this good looking guy came and slid a towel under my shirt. his hands felt warm...ahhh x) not horny okay! it just feels..felt..good. :)

TOO MUCH BOOKS! TOO MUCH ROMANCE BOOKS! like michee said, i read too much of those books. HAHA. jongyi and esther told me to read one wa. mum's is nagging me to get off the comp. so till here yeah! arh..i feel so bad..after blogging. oh well.

good luck for your exams! ^^

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