Sunday, February 24, 2008

memories gone..

its such a sad day for me. :'(

MY PHONE has gone bonkers! Its like my memory card was already inside and when i tried to take pictures, it has these "pls insert memory card" and all, and so i took out the memry card and insert it again, and it still remains the same!! I tried like a gazillion times and no effect. SO PISSED.

I felt like Kronk getting up and smashing the phone and shallowing it, but of course i wouldnt do it. DOH! -__- so went to incomm at mall and asked. and they said something wrong with my phone. not the memory card. :( THATS SO SAD.

last thing i know, the pictures, songs,90+ themes will be vanished like that. *poof* ARGH! I WANT MY THEMES BACK! AND MY SONGS! ESP THE "ANGEL" SONG! they are memories to me!


but look at the bright side, i went for a buffet tonight.not bad. ate some oysters. ^^ *rmb mr bean?* ;)

HAHAH. till here. hope my phone will be back in order after having it checked tommorow. wish me luck!

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