Monday, February 25, 2008

love love!

do you know what huh?

you know what i have that you guys have?

family! DOH!

and you know what?


and im sure you guys do too!

haha. ignore the random stuffs i wrote up there. just felt really happy today. mum's being all nicey. saying she will post the concealed cash to the seller(yes! im buying stuffs online). :D thanks ma!

and also, to add to the happiness, the sausages my mum just cooked for me are so soft, so yummy *squeals with delight*..AHHH xD *savouring it carefully, cms by cms*

im not sharing. sorry. *just KIDDING!*

and not to be sad, my phone is not fixed. YET. urgh.

& just cos im super happy. heres a joke for you that i find funny.

Chee bought cakes and brought them to his office. He gave them to his colleagues as a treat to them for being so hardworking. They thanked him and ate them. Then, the boss came out and asked them, "who buy these cakes ka?" Then, all of them answered, "CHEE BUY LAH!"

get it?

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