Friday, February 15, 2008


*grrr* some of the pics is like unuploadable man! Im so fucking pissed right now. why do i have to be like so fucking vain and take so many pics when i cant even upload them?!?


anyways..the pics. a few of them only. since i cant upload them. i wana upload the pic of me with brian so badly. :( but then, the verdict? the page cannot be displayed! Oh,boo man.

on the way to sibu! a little nice sip of pearl milk tea reduces the dizzyness but brings back the deed of going toilet!

fireworks are everywhere..and while i was taking them from the balcony..a guy(cg! :D) came out and wana take some snapshots too but when he saw me, he went in immediately! AHAHAHA! PAISEH to take meh?

1st day of cny! like finally i have stripes *smirks*

me and jofthan! okay. he looks cuter in real life! behind is angel, playing with phone as usual, not boliao meh?

outside the cinema- my cousin getting a rest..shes sick wa

i went to mich's hse to meet up with her and then, its vain vain time!

met her up again the next day to go pai nien with d you like my native uncle, michee? ;)

argh! i forgot to glow this pic! sorry! theres brian in the middle! hes cute :D im feeding michee!


i like my bro's cool ultraman bohemian!(sp?) lil pics nia. anyway. these days im interested in checking out these sites called "blogshops." the clothes are nice, sweet and just wonderful, most of all its CHEAP. :)

here are some shops you guys can browse in and see see. most of them are from singapore tho. why no brunei blogshops? that way i can buy from them. boohoo.

others, you can find from their advertisements yeah. envy! envy!

im so freaking lagging in my studies. urgh! i cant concentrate man! sheeesh.

okay. till here then. i wana make something to eat. so freaking hungry! im gonna be hulk soon! *in hulk's voice* you make the hulk angry~

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