Sunday, February 03, 2008

CNY! ^^v

chinese new year is just around the corner! sigh. the greatest thing i like about cny is "ANGPAO" money and not to mention, GOOD GOOD AWESOME FOOD! *drools* i love being a chinese. :) Hey, not being racist or whut, but being chinese is cool. cos i just love celebrating CNY! ^^v

and oso celebrating, moon cake festival, tang yuen, dumpling(okay, so i dont know the name)! See! That's the advantages of being a pureee chinese. *smirks* still, wont it be great to be an angmoh too? Celebrating halloweens and stuffs. Can you imagine pple in Brunei doing that? *looks around*

urgh. im going back to sibu tomoro! To be exact, its on tuesday. going miri wah! There are some stuffs i wana do for cny. and im gona list them out here and make sure i DO them ALL before cny ends.

OH mum said, "I will buy you a camera! Only if you OBEY(okay, not obey, listen to her nasihat)me! You listen to me then i buy" (that's a really really hard thing to do)

:DDD HOHO! STILL, that darling camera's gona be mine. ;)

okay-here are the stuffs im suppose to do before cny ends.

- collect many many angpao money and keep them for myself! (wait..most of them should be change into brunei money.)
- buy some girl stuffs..bleh
- EAT CRABS! (this is a MUST! an absolute must! im going crazy watching AFC(channel 703) presenting those local singapore dishes FULL OF CRABS T.T and poor me can only observe pple eating crabs in front of me in the tv screen, sian la! total torture okay!)
- meet up with michee and call maria (who is in brunei! DOH. shes a bruneian)
- buy some clothes ^^
- take pictures!
- ride in a motorcycle again!
- buy something for my besties for valentine's
- try to get enough money to buy that camera! Or..beg my mum to give me some. :p

okay! wont be blogging la for about 1 week i think..will be back in brunei by the long can. T.T

till here then!

and last of all, HAVE A happy chinese new year this year to all of you guys(who are reading my blog, of course)! :)

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