Saturday, January 05, 2008

vincent is a rich guy!

me: so are you going university?
vincent: not sure..i dont want to!
me: how about your bro, sis and you, they going with you?
vincent: all of us are going to uni.
me: *shocked for a while*
me: U SO KAYA!!!
vincent: whut!?! HAHAHA!!

i know the conver up there aint funny but it really makes me wna laugh like hell when i just think of wut vincent answered me. Vincent is so deadly kaya. to enter uni needs large sums of money and yeah, the vincent(now i found out hes a rich guy) LOL!! One person needs ten thousands to enter, three equals..oh shit! DAMN LOTSA MONEY!

and oh yeah, Jaywen said vincent looks like zhang dong liang. The nicholas dude. also said his lips look perfect and looks like Mike He Jun Xiang(devil bside you guy. yes. the good looking one). *pause*

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Zhang Dong Liang i can believe..but Mike? LOL!! But anyway, thats a compliment, Vincent. ^^ Cos Nicholas is handsome. mm. Right.

And im super bored in school. i can die in commerce .its so boring. And yes, maybe i should wear a tudung tomoro and be a malay and drop out of commerce. AS IF! Commerce is my fav subject! LOL not to mention the teacher yo! Get it michee? ;)

i still dont get it why michee thinks that son is handsome. what do you see in him that i dont? LOLL!

till here. bye. ^^

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