Sunday, January 27, 2008

tired days x)

HELLO! nowadays im really really lazy to blog :p Nothing to blog wa. anyway, today went shopping with my parents! Family days~ and bought many many stuffs. its like buying all new stuffs, new year ba, must change everything :D okay, not everything la.

i saw one guy in Soon Lee who michee said that look like my dad. *smirks* i told my mum, but didnt tell my dad. that guy aint that bad ey. PRASAN eh. cut the crap. we actually went there to buy new year clothes for my dad. and we asked him to pick himself. and guess what he pick? you know the pengiran pple go to the stage to give prize one? THOSE TYPE. the long sleeve one with lots of flowery designs at the side. -_________- Ask him to choose another one, he pick one that looks like what my grandfather like to wear. sigh. :p

okay. here are the stuffs i bought after a whole day of shopping. *whew*

hair straightening stuffs (not branded la) but it costs me damn $38! so expensive lah!

anyone for martinis?

HAHA! candles! they looked pretty tho. :)

dear susie, may you rest in peace. you have been with me for 14 years, since the day i born, i really really really miss you very very very much. :) i hope you;re in heaven now and live a happy life. I LOVE YOU!
it just died last week! and my mum din tell me! IT DIED when i was there and i didnt even see it died. im so sad. i really miss you! LOVE YOU! :'(

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