Monday, January 21, 2008


HEY! i just went to a webbie to find out who block me in msn. HAHA! I found out who! DARN THEM! Actually since i found that they blocked me, i deleted them and block them back! Pronto! :D these things can be quite fun. Yeeeesh! But not that fun when you knew who block you. :( So far, the pple who block me are the pple who i HATE. :P so dont care.

This weekend went miri to celebrate my grandma's bday. Vincent went too! :O But i didnt see him! HAHAHA! I lied to him and asked him whether he went to Guns and Roses bar and got drunk with his brader while holding up the XO bottle of arak. HAHA! An inside joke of mine. :P

pictures! few of them nia. they ARE in order.

i think this pudding is so beautiful :)

me! thats laksa below me xD

the dessert :D the foods so damn delicious! BUFFET! X) and in an hotel! HAHA! wonder if vincent slept there! lol

the cake! Its yummy. coffee flavour. it tastes okay. i guess.

showing appreciation to the cake. *salutes*

And im going crazy over vaio laptop! I NEED ONE! EXAMS QUICKLY COME! I want to ace this test once and for all! xD
bah, ..have to eat lunch and poor me havent eaten yet. and im thinking of sims2 again.

im thinking of making a family of three- dad, mum, child. and make the dad go flirt with another woman im making. *devillish look* and make them woohoo! And make the woman ask the dad to move in with her and get his family to move in too. (yes, with the mum and child.) and make the woman have baby with the dad and then the mum and child will hate the dad and the woman and the baby. Get me? But they WILL not break up. Sounds fun. to me. Get it? :S

till here.
ciao then!

im fantasizing again..and again and it somehow always turns out differently just like last time.. :)

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