Thursday, January 10, 2008

happy bday dad! 9/1/08


yepp. its his birthday today. actually me and my mum wanna make it a surprise for his birthday by buying a cake and surprise and all. but it has been ruined by..mainly, me. ^_^''' PAISEH LAR!

mum: you put the cake in the car first later daddy find out
me: go in first then papa wont suspect la!
mum: you say one ah!
me: *waits for my mum to go in then i go in*
me: *sneaking in* lalalala~
dad: *turn back* what is behind you?
me: hah? nothing lar!
dad: turn! lemme see!
me: MAMAAA!!! *chi bai shi si loh!*(it means now die loh)
dad: haiya! lemme see lar!
me: *hold up the cake*
dad: *reaction change to happy* EH! I FORGOT MY BDAY LEH! Today is ka?


anyway, its a good thing to let him know first. i guess. he turned the BIG FOUR ZERO(40) today! HAHA! Thats what my mum said. the cake was beautiful and all on the outside but in the taste quite bad. :( for me maybe. and the chocos look delicious but when i took the first bite, i spit it out. it tasted just like a candle or what.

the cake! credits to my phone! HAHA!

then went out for dinner at I Lotus. the food there is so yummy! ^^ Bring on the big prawns man! Has satisfied my tummy really good with egg tofu! Hey! im addicted to tofu. tofu is so soft, so ruan, so lembut so YUMMY! ^^Y

and last nite, i studied maths and thanks to my mum, i know how to do those equations. thanks mum! she was in a really jolly mood last nite. i wonder why! My dad is so mean. He forbid me from playing comp just cos he claims its too noisy. big four zero is righto. but its okay. its his birthday and all. but its the only nite where i actually have the mood to sign in msn! (i mean usually i appear offline most of the times)

ahh. till here then. mum's coming home soon. see me use comp, shes gonna freak out and take away the mouse.


oh yeah! new skin! howd you like it? downloaded more brushes! yippee! and i wished i downloaded the brushes first instead of doing this skin first. :( hate this skin. looks so stupid. but yeah. i still like it. lol.

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