Friday, January 04, 2008

fish obsessions

I am so addicted to FISH FILLET(cooked yo!) NOW. ^^

what am i gonna do? i just cooked a whole fresh packet of fish fillet(not satisfying enough) being so mean to fishes now. i still rmb everytime michee would say this to bruce to make him laugh.

"fish are friends, not food" LOLL!!! im gonna watch finding nemo again and perhaps, my obsession to fish food will be gone. as if! But nothing is as healthy to darling tofu! Its organic! Is it? Im craving for fried fish fillet and fried egg tofu with chicken strips *slurps*

I MISS SUGAR BUN'S CHICKEN BURGER. (hey, its nice man!)
I MISS LAKSA!! (hey, no loss, i get to eat it every sunday eh! ;) )BU YAO SIAN MU! HAHAHA! AS IF MAN!

im gonna stop here. fish talks are over yo!

i hate eyebags, they suck man! (random blabs)

i still wanna sleep late *shrugs*

AND YES! MY PIANO RESULTS is 67%! SO CHA!!!! Im the lowest in grade 2 you know? How lame is that. pfft. I should at least get merit or distinction(sp?) ARGH! Ngam ngam pass man!! HAO LAN AH! @___@''

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