Friday, January 18, 2008



I seriously have nothing to blog about nowadays! Nothing special even happens in my life. Even if there is i dont even wanna blog about it because its so damn personal. Life's getting boring. No pictures, no updates. :( The truth is. im lazy to blog. LOL. and plus, no happenings la! But im blogging now to refresh my blog. heh.

Im currently into books now! :D Ever since i read Maria's book "211 things a bright girl can do", im hooked to books! So i bought a library card from the library(in our school) and began borrowing books! Books can be so mesmerizing sometimes. ^^

im also craving for sushis again after watching BBT. The one Hiro made is so disgusting. His hands are moisty after cutting the raw meat and all. EWW. Like as if the judges wana eat his sushi. They rather starve. I have a huge disgustingness for seeing pple making food. Especially at kopitiam. I CANNOT see pple cook food in front of me as i will be disgusted very very easily. I can imagine their hands(smothered with blood after cutting chicken or fish or wtv)cooking my dish! Weird habit. HAIYA!

shim bluffed at me about me "interested" in bball. Now i am, ever since i went to sibu(as there was a bball court near there) last time no cause i hate to sweat(but im not girly okay). Like the time i said to michee i hated pirates.

michee: wanna watch pirates of caribbean 3?
me: NO! I hate watching pirate movies!

after watching the movie, i went crazy over orlando bloom. LOL. Hes so hot bah! and has naughty eyes and thick eyebrows. LOL.

michee: ey? i tot you dont like pirates?me: *embarassed*

HAHAHHA! Its so unpredictable sometimes. hmm. i need to do chores now. Later i kena scolded by my mum.

till here! out. xoxo <-(i think this is cute)

I think this song is damn funny.

baby, tell me where you get your body from?
i got it from my mama i got if from my mama

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